The Turkish Riviera

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, the Turquoise Coast, is nearly 1,600 km long, with fine sandy beaches and historic towns. The Turquoise Coast is the ideal destination for a seaside vacation in Turkey.

Pegasus Airlines departs every day between Northern Cyprus airport Ercan Airport and the mainland Turkey’s beautiful coastline. Flights go to Alanya, Antalya and Dalaman. For those who do not like to fly, there are several options by ferry.

Two hours from Antalya is Alanya, a growing sister, with 20km of beautiful sandy beaches that slowly fills up with high-class resorts. However, there is still cozy cafées on the hillsides and ancient ruins that maintains an authentic charm.


The region’s largest and most progressive city with luxury hotels and top restaurants – à la Dubai, and one of the most popular destinations for the boom of Scandinavian and British tourists discovered Turkey in recent years. They preserved Roman Ottoman Quarter Kaleiçi is a must.


A city of many contrasts. Bodrum is a beautiful historic city with palm-lined streets and beautiful houses, but at the same time parts of the city is characterized by drunken tourists who go there to party; a party town with magnificent surroundings and cultural charm.


Dalaman town is a central point on the Turkish Riviera. From Ölüdeniz to the unspoilt fishing town of Kaş. Dalaman has incredible scenery and some of the beaches are relatively unexplored.


This city is built around a natural harbor and is the most common starting and ending station of Turkey’s famous cruises on wooden gulets. In the port of Fethiye, there are several bars and taverns, and from here you can take the water taxi to one of the nearby cities.


Once up on a time this town was a sleepy fisherman’s village, but today Marmaris is a popular resort full of tourists. The nearby coastline, with pine-covered mountains, is fantastic.









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