Security, knowledge and quality at Cyprus Eye Clinic

Cyprus Eye Clinic is a private eye clinic that has been in the centre of Kyrenia since 2002. It is known for being at the forefront of clinical practice and to give their patients care of the highest standard. Dr. Hatice Arodezli Soydemir who runs the clinic specialises in eye diseases and daily performs eye surgery on patients with symptoms. At Cyprus Eye Clinic security, knowledge and quality are the focus.

The most common surgery to perform are cataract surgeries. Cataract is the medical term for white sedge and means that the lens is clouded and hardened. This means that one can not see clearly, and as time passes and the cataract spreads one loses more vision. If one neglects it and lets it go too far one sees nothing at all. Cataracts are common amongst the older generation but the younger may also suffer. During surgery the clouded lens is removed through a small incision. The lens’s refractive ability is then replaced with a artificial intraocular ( IOL) lens, which is implanted into the eye. The operation is done under local anesthesia and takes on average 20 minutes and one gets to go home the same day. Downstairs Cyprus Eye Clinic’s bright rooms includes a 300 sqm large laser and operating room.

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern
Dr. Hatice Arodezli Soydemir.

The clinic also specialises in contact lenses. This is a simple way to improve the patient’s vision and quality of life without surgery. Dr. Hatice explains that patients always come here for a first examination in which she assesses what care is considered to be appropriate. Patients who need surgery with laser she brings to Turkey where she performs the procedure. Laser is a modern technology that is not only used to improve vision, but can also be used to combat diseases such as glaucoma and diabetes in the eye. Dr Hatice also always shows a great interest in all kinds of contact lens applications.

Cyprus Eye Clinic has many international patients that take the opportunity to treat their eye problems while they are here. Patients from countries such as Scandinavia, Russia, Germany and the UK choose treatment in North Cyprus for the high quality and the low price level. It is common to combine the procedures with a few days of vacation. Foreign patients also appreciate the short waiting times that do not tend to be longer than a week. Dr. Hatice says that the price is between a third to a quarter of what it costs to perform the surgery at a private clinic in England. 70% of her patients are British.

Dr. Hatice is educated at Ankara University Medical Faculty. After graduating she worked as a licensed ophthalmologist at an eye hospital in Istanbul, which at the time was the only one of its kind in Turkey. Five years later she came to start her own clinic. She is a member of The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), which is Europe’s leading organisation for cataract and refractive surgery. The organisation has 5,000 members and provides a unique forum for discussion and learning, and ensures that international expertise is shared by ophthalmologists all over Europe, following the contact lens congresses; ECLSO. Dr. Hatice conducts her own studies that she regularly shares these international congresses in Turkey and Europe.

A regular eye examination at Cyprus Eye Clinic costs 120 TL. The survey is completely computerised and examines the entire eyeball, eye pressure and glucose. Dr. Hatice recommends regular eye exams, especially for us who spend a lot of time in sunny Cyprus, sunglasses of good quality or contact lenses with UV protection.

Telephone: 815 97 99-815 98 93-815 97 51

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern
The clinic is located in bright friendly facilities near the Bellapais Traffic Lights.

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern
On children one uses an adapted technology.

Optiker ögon klinik kyrenia norra cypern

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