Residence permit in Northern Cyprus for under 60′

How to go about getting a temporary residence permit in Northern Cyprus if you are under 60 years old.

If you want to stay in Northern Cyprus for more than 90 days and are under 60 years old you must apply for a residence permit. This residence permit is valid for one year and then you have to renew the permit.

First you have to go to the post office and buy damga pul (stamps). One of 2TL (for the Muhtar) and a 12,50TL stamp (2013) which the police paste on the application to the immigration office in Lefkosa.

Then you go to your local Muhtar (village headman) to get “Proof of living” filled in (proving that one really lives there), costing between 5TL-10TL. NOTE do not forget to take your passport and sometimes they would even need to see the lease.

Collect all relevant documents such as a copy of the title deed, Kocan, if you own your property, or if you rent the lease that must be stamped and shows that the rent tax is paid. If you are married, copy of marriage certificate, copy of bank book (to prove you can support yourself) and copy of passport.

After having collected all the documents, take them to the police station in Girne. They will give you a requisition for samples to be taken at the local hospital. There will be a blood test, which shows that one does not have AIDS, and chest X-ray so that you do not have TB.

Now the wait: first take your queue number for the blood test and pay for their samples 135TL (in 2013), bring cash for they do not take cards. Then take a new number for the next step and a new number for chest radiography.

Back to the police with a receipt (proof that you have paid for the blood test and chest x-ray) and then the police fills the application form for a temporary residence permit, which they send to Lefkosa.

After a week we go back to the hospital to collect the results, no number needed this time. You get an envelope which is sealed and will be taken to the immigration office unopened. The personnel there will open it, VERY IMPORTANT! Otherwise you will have to go through the process all over again.

After about 2-3 weeks you drive into Lefkosa to the immigration office – do not forget to bring your passport! VERY IMPORTANT: you must first sign in to be on the waiting list and then get a ticket, which is awarded after one’s name is called from the list. Although this requires a damga pul (stamp), it can be bought in the cafeteria on site.

Cost of a temporary residence permit (2013) was 227TL, Cash only! They do not take cards!

After this procedure, you can be in North Cyprus for a whole year but when it expires you get to go through it all over again. Unless the law has changed!

Opening hours for the police in Girne: Monday-Friday 08: 30-12: 00

Opening hours for the hospital in Girne: Monday-Friday 08: 30-12: 00

Opening hours for the immigration office in Lefkosa Monday-Friday 08: 30-13: 30

One should allow plenty of time and bring a book and water, the waits can be long.

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