Hot air balloons in North Cyprus

Hot air balloons North Cyprus

Hot air balloon rides are now on offer in North Cyprus as the company Yeni Iskele Flying Cyprus Air Sports recently opened offices on the island. The company completed its first flight earlier this week and will aim to benefit tourism in North Cyprus.

A wonderful day was enjoyed by a small group of people at a height of 1000 metres, as they watched the sun rise, flying high over the Yeni Iskele region. After the flight, the giant balloon made a safe landing with its experienced pilot Vural Gül and all passengers received a flight certificate.

The company Flying Cyprus has been operating in the hot air balloon heaven Cappadocia in Turkey for 12 years and applied for permission to operate in North Cyprus one year ago.

If you are interested in going on a hot air balloon ride, please call the number: +90 (542) 864 80 00.

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