Flamingos in Famagusta

Cyprus is visited annually by tens of thousands of colorful flamingos between November and March. Larnaca’s great salt lake is the most famous place to go and watch these beautiful animals. What many might not know is that Famagusta is also one of the favorite peaks for this migratory bird.

Unlike other bird species, flamingos do not have a special migration pattern, instead, they fly around high up in the sky to search for favorable places to land. Famagusta’s small lake Gülseren is one of these. There is a field near the lake where you can park your car to watch the pink birds. If you are lucky they are close to the beach, but to get a good look at them, it’s best to bring a binoculars.

See the map below to find the lake Gülseren.

Flamingos in Gülseren Famagusta North Cyprus

Flamingos in Gülseren Famagusta North Cyprus

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