Experience Kyrenia harbour!

As soon as you get to Kyrenia harbor, you can see why it is so popular.
With the backdrop of the jagged mountains behind and the calm sparkling sea in front, the harbor has a heady, peaceful atmosphere. The graceful arch shaped harbor is filled with restaurants and cafes and is perfect for sitting back and just watch people.
Kyrenia harbor is dominated by the impressive Kyrenia Castle which guarded this important and strategic port since the 1500s. It’s an excellent idea to visit and explore, and you get a great view of the town of Kyrenia from the top. On the castle grounds you can find Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum, the remains of an ancient merchant ship.
The wreck of the ship was lying on the seabed covered with sand for 2300 years. In 1965, the remains of what was then the oldest recovered boat in the world, were restored. The 15 m large wreck, which was pulled from the mud just outside Kyrenia harbor, was preserved.Kyrenia_girne_hamn_Norra_Cypern