Cyprus in top 10 countries for second citizenship

Cyprus top country second citizenship

Cyprus finds itself within the top ten countries offering second citizenship by investment according to the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Index.

The survey may be a useful tool for British Citizens who are concerned about the impact of Brexit over the next couple of years.

Although moving country may be an option as a second citizenship provides for greater international mobility and security, a second passport from an EU country will give its holder the right to live and work anywhere within the European Union.

Based on the CBI Index’s ‘seven pillars’; Freedom of movement, Standard of living, Minimum investment outlay, Mandatory travel or residence, Citizenship timeline, Ease of processing and Due diligence, Cyprus along with Malta, Bulgaria and Austria from Europe join exotic destinations such as Dominica, St Kitts Nevis, Grenada, Antigua & Barbuda, Saint Lucia, Vanuatu, Comoros and Cambodia in the top 12 countries offering  second citizenship by investment.

Austria, Malta, Cyprus and Bulgaria were on top with regards to the freedom of movement.

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