Alvadar – a bar to count on this summer!

Alvadar is a bar to count on this summer! Located in Lapta, west of Kyrenia, with creative cocktails and swinging music. New Cyprus Magazine was there on a Friday night and checked out the atmosphere – which proved to be something extraordinary, with spontaneous guests and super-high atmosphere. You just have to congratulate the owners for a really good bar – we promise to come back several times this summer!

Alvadar is open from noon to late each day. Happy hours is between 18.00 and 20.00 with half price on cocktails! Wednesdays and Fridays offer live music and several themed evenings and surprises await this summer.


Opening hours: 12.00 until late.

Phone: +90 548 846 66 08 // +90 542 885 28 95
Alvadar Bar on Facebook.

Alvadar bar summer

People enjoying themselves at Alvadar

People enjoying themselves at Alvadar

People enjoying themselves at Alvadar

Bar staff and guests at Alvadar

Guests at Alvadar

Guests at Alvadar

Bartender at Alvadar

Alvadar - a bar to count on this summer!

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